The tips to stir fry

Stir fry is one the the most popular cooking method in Sichuan. Here are the tips to a wonderful stir fry.

  1. Chop the food material, prepare the ingredients before you turn the stove on.
  2. Always heat the wok for a couple of minutes before pouring oil. Make sure the surface of the wok is completely dry.
  3. Heat the oil to a temperature high enough. The oil temperature is critical for food taste. Make sure you know what temperature is the optimal for the food you cook.
  4. Add the meat first. Then add the vegetables after the meat is 80% done. So you won’t overcook the vegetables.
  5. Use a good spatula to stir the food regularly.
  6. Use a little starch. It helps the taste, and makes food prettier.

Enjoy your stir-fry!