Sichuan Peppercorn, one of the most important ingredients

Szechuan peppercorn has a fragrant aroma that has been likened to lavender. However, its main claim to fame is the powerful numbing sensation it causes around the mouth. When married with chile peppers (the other key ingredient in Szechuan cuisine), chefs believe this numbing effect reduces the chile pepper’s heat, leaving diners free to appreciate the capsicum’s intense, fruity flavor.

Szechuan peppercorn is featured in numerous dishes. Recipes frequently call for the peppercorns to be ground and roasted. Ground, roasted Szechuan peppercorn is used to make an infused oil and is also paired with salt to make a flavorful seasoning. Szechuan peppercorn is one of the five ingredients that makes up five spice powder (the others are star anise, fennel, clove, and cinnamon).


Delicious Food

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Sichuan Cuisine is the most widely served cuisine in China. The dishes of Sichuan Cuisine are famous for their hot and spicy flavor. An outstanding part of Sichuan dishes is the delicate use of pepper or chili. The ingredients used are great in variety, including poultry, pork, beef, fish, vegetables and tofu. The methods of cooking vary according to the texture required.

Sichuan Cuisine wins universal praise for its hotness, sourness and numbness it produces, which are rare in other regional cuisines. These together sum up the unique flavor of Sichuan Cuisine, which enjoys a good reputation as a cuisine that is “one dish with one flavor and one hundred dishes with one hundred flavors”. Its cooking methods include baking, sautéing, dry-sautéing and steaming. Sichuan Cuisine has good combinations of flavors and often has tasty sauces.

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